1 / 2. Main rotor diameter, 40 ft 0 in (12,19 m)Overall length, 47 ft 9 in (14,55 m)Overall height, 11 ft l .5 in (3,39 m)Fuselage length: 10.98mUndercarriage -track, 9ft (2,74 m)Wheelbase, 11 ft 9 12 in (3,59 in)Span over sponsons, 14 ft (4,27 m). On 10 November, 1987, this Model 222 flew with a digital control system developed by Bell and Lucas Aerospace which gave the engine the ability to adapt its characteristics in flight. Completely dry titanium main rotor hub has conical elastomeric bearings. First flight 1 August 1981; FAA certification 30 June 1982. The Bell 230 is an advancement of the 222 with two Allison 250 turboshafts rather than the 222's LTS 101s or more different refinements. Bell focused pylon with nodalisation. Specs, range, speed, operating weights and performance for the Bell 222B here Fail-safe structure in critical areas. List of Operators of Bell 222UT: From: Organisation with model 222UT: 1984: Lloyd Helicopters 1984/89 : 1986: Jamaica Defence Force 222 1 1986/88 : 1987: Marine Luchtvaartdienst 222 1 1987/90 : ZS-HDF. Its cabin holds a maximum of ten persons with one-two pilots and eight to nine passengers. If you can fly, that wont be a problem, either. Single wheel and tyre on each unit. Two-blade tail rotor of stainless steel construction, with preconing, underslung feathering axis and skewed flapping axis. Optional stereo system and refreshment cabinet. The two Avco Lycoming turboshafts drove a two-blade main rotor through a gearbox with two spiral bevel reductions and one planetary reduction. The maiden flight of the prototype was expected by the end of 1975 but, in fact, the first prototype (c/n 47001, N9988K) got into the air on Friday 13 August, 1976, with Donald Bloom at the controls. One alternative is the offshore configuration for ferrying eight passengers to offshore oil platforms. Baggage capacity, 43 cu ft (1,22 cu.m) in aft cabin and fuselage baggage compartment. Endurance @ normal cruise: 2.5 hr.Max ramp weight: 7850 lbMax useful load: 2990 lbs. bfRegisterSummarize("ff_elem13", "", "", "not available", false) No movable surfaces. We sell and inventory used and new 222 GSE. The lack of retractable landing gear allowed larger fuel capacity . The Model 222B was the second main production variant with accommodation for seven to nine passengers. Transmission rating (two engines) 690kW. All information is given in good faith and for information purposes only. Section NACA 0035. The first model flew in 1976, but it took until 1979 for the 222 to be certified. Fuel contained in five crash-resistant internal bladders, in fuselage and sponsons, with total capacity of 710 litres in Model 222B. Main rotor engine rpm ratio 1:27.4; tail rotor engine rpm ratio 1:5.08.